Sunday, 2 December 2012

Elf On The Shelf - An Introduction

So my favourite time of year has finally arrived, the countdown to Christmas!
Having two young girls who are now old enough to fully understand Christmas this year, i decided to have as much fun as possible every single day so they can grow up to enjoy this magical time as much as i do.

Some of you have heard about 'The Elf On The Shelf' (if you haven't it explains everything here). This year i finally decided to start the tradition in my own family and we are already having so much fun.

Our Elf arrived with a fun North Pole breakfast for the girls on November 30th and together we decided to call our cheeky little elf, Buddy.

Buddy brought the girls custard and jam donuts, cups of hot chocolate and a cup of milk with candy canes (they made the milk turn pink!). They were also left a little bag full of North Pole treats including 'snowballs' to throw in their hot chocolate (mini marshmallows) a chocolate elf, a sherbet candy cane and a tin of mini chocolate Santas. They loved having such a fun breakfast while Mummy read 'The Elf On The Shelf' book.

I hope to be back blogging a lot more often now, especially about all the fun christmas activities and bargains i come up with.

Do you have any fun Christmas traditions in your house?


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My AWFUL ASDA experience.

This is what the wetness from the bags did to my leggings!!

I feel like i haven't posted on here in years but then again 3 months in blogging time probably equates to years anyway.
I am blogging today because i am highly frustrated and annoyed with a recent online shopping experience.
It wasn't the usual fashion or beauty haul, oh no! I placed a grocery order from ASDA.
So i placed my order on the 11th of October and booked it to be delivered between 1pm-3pm the following day.
Sure enough at around 2pm on Friday the 12th my order arrived, i signed for it and took it to my kitchen.
When i was unpacking my food i noticed the carrier bags containing the food were wet and i could smell a strong smell of bleach. I put two and two together and sure enough the wetness on the bags had bleached and ruined my clothes. 
I started to worry about the bleach being all over my food shopping so rang the ASDA customer services and this is where it all went downhill. (i actually emailed initially but because of the seriousness of the matter i decided to call)
The lady i called was clueless and couldn't understand that i didn't want any of the food any more because it could well all be contaminated with bleach. She kept offering me a refund for my damaged item..... 'Lady, ALL my items are damaged!!'
After a lot of talking and not getting anywhere she put me through to the store manager who was equally unhelpful.
She proceeded to tell me she had no idea what it could have been, she insisted it couldn't have been any cleaning products they use in the delivery van like i had suggested and it couldn't have been any bleach that had spilt in the van because the food is all stored in different compartments.
Eventually she decided to offer to pick all the food back up the following day and then re-deliver it in a day or two, NOT good enough in my opinion. I was busy the following day (I was actually admitted to hospital at midday due to severe stomach pains...) so declined. She then went on to offer me a partial refund for my shopping....again NOT good enough in my opinion however at this point i had been trying to resolve the issue for hours and seemed to be getting nowhere so gave in and accepted the partial refund. She explained it would be issued and would be credited to my bank within 7 days.

Now, the next day, as i mentioned previously, i was admitted into hospital with severe stomach pains and stayed there for almost 6 days so was unable to pursue the matter any further regarding the ruined clothes and the refund.

On the 22nd at home i decided to check my bank account and noticed i had still not received any refund nor any response to previous emails so I decided to call ASDA and once again I received atrocious customer services. I was offered the usual refund for THE item damaged no matter how many times i tried to explain my whole order was unacceptable. Eventually the lady at customer services told me she has no authority to issue a refund and couldn't direct me to anybody who could.

I am now at a loss at what to do next, everybody i try to contact say they cant help and wont direct me to somebody who can. I am out of pocket and i have ruined clothes.

All i can assume is ASDA are happy to let me and my young daughters eat food which is potentially contaminated with bleach?!

One thing is for sure, i will NEVER be shopping there again. Think of it this way ASDA, because you couldn't help sort out my £40 order you will now be loosing out on my £100 food shops for the rest of my life, such a stupid move on your part.

At a last ditch attempt i will be writing to head office regarding this whole fiasco however i won't hold my breath.

Have you ever had an awful shopping experience and were the customer services as atrocious as this?!


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hunter Wellies Giveaway WINNER

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats to the winner, i have emailed you, can you please respond asap thanks :)

Monday, 23 July 2012

Hunter Wellies Giveaway

Summer has arrived which means festivals, camping and lots of fun!
As we all know, english summers aren't always full of nice warm sunny days and can quite often turn into a big wet muddy mess, especially if you are attending any festivals or camping trips.
And so when Simply Hike, who specialise in camping equipment contacted me offering to give away a pair of Hunter wellies to one of my readers i jumped at the chance.

So, if you want to get your hands on the pair of Hunter wellies pictured above, just fill in the form at the bottom of this page and keep your fingers crossed.

The Terms & conditions for the competition are…

1- Product: Hunter Original Tall Classic Wellies in Navy.
2- Size: The Winner can choose a boot size from 4 to11.
3- The winner will be selected on Tuesday 31st of July. Once the winner is announced they must email me with their address & boot size before the 1st of Aug. Winner is picked at random and is final. No correspondence will be entered.
4- The product cannot be returned for a different size once ordered.
5- The product cannot be exchanged for cash or an alternative product.
6- No purchase necessary
7- Sorry the competition is open to UK residents only. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!!


Friday, 20 July 2012

Bra shopping for me is an absolute nightmare, i hate it and i avoid it at all costs. However now that La Senza  (where i usually buy the exact same bra over and over again!) are 'working on new things' i was forced to look elsewhere.
I stumbled across Simply beach and was happy to see they had a large range of larger sizes available at an affordable price.
I'm a busty girl so my size isn't stocked in many stores and when it is, the prices are ridiculously high, so i was in my element.
After much deliberation i decided to go out of my comfort zone (plain black jersey) and choose a lovely summery coloured balconette bra with a print which looks like a watercolour painting, beautiful!
I also got a very practical (and a must have for any girls wardrobe!) sports bra. Again i chose anice purple coloured one rather than boring old black.

As soon as i opened my package i could see that the bras were high quality and well made. They have both been washed numerous times and are still as perfect as when i received them.
The sports bra is AMAZINGLY comfy and offers perfect support for any kind of workout, from simple stretches and biking to running and even trampolining!
The balconette bra fits perfectly however i do sometimes find the strap which runs across my back a bit uncomfortable because of the stitching.
Both bras were affordable as are many bras on their site.

All in all i am very happy with my experience with Simply Beach and will definitely be keeping them in mind for future underwear purchases.

Have you ever purchased anything from the Simply Beach lingerie selection, if so, what were your thoughts?

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming 'healthy living' posts which again will feature the Panache sports bra.


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Lush Space Girl Bath Ballistic

Now, i'm not usually a fan of bath ballistics purely because i'm a lover of bubbles, i like to have heaps of them, and as you may (or may not) know, ballistics, unfortunately lack in the bubble department.
Having said that Space Girl bath ballistic is something i pick up regularly from Lush.

This planet shaped ballistic smells just as fab as any other product from Lush, both the smell and colour of the product reminds me of parma violet sweets, yummy!
The ballistic is packed with glitter and popping candy, sounds a strange thing to have in a bath product right? but apparently if you submerge your head you can hear the pops underwater, such a cute idea!
The glitter isn't very visable unless you actively look for it in your bath but it's definitely there! And just incase your wondering the glitter won't cause you to come out shining like a disco ball, thank goodness!

Retailing at £1.95 it is the cheapest of all the bath ballistics available from Lush however for me personally it is one of my favourites.

Have you ever tried this bath ballistic, if so what were your thoughts?


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mothercare Christmas in July Press Day

Baby K
Blooming Marvellous
Little Bird

I was recently popped along to the Mothercare Christmas in July press day and had a browse through the exciting new collections including Baby K, Blooming Marvellous and a delightful brand new range designed by Jools Oliver.

To be completely honest the main Mothercare clothing collection was pretty uninspiring. Consisting of the usual A/W colours, browns, creams, dark greens and reds. However i did spot a couple of diamonds in the rough including some very on trend bottle green girls skinny jeans, some stylish grey boys cuffed joggers and some brightly coloured 'Hunter' style wellington boots which are definitely a must for any little one as the months turn cooler and the rain gets heavier.

Moving onto the 'Baby K' collection by Myleene Klass. This collection was more up my street, with some great detailing and feather prints it is very on trend without being too grown up. I particularly loved the indian headdress t-shirt and fell in love with a plain cream t-shirt with a gorgeous feather motif around the neck, certainly will be picking that up for my own little girls!

Mothercares maternity range 'Blooming Marvellous' (cute name right?!) also was full of on trend details including lace, metallics and my favourite, peter pan collars. Everything, as usual looked super comfy while still being stylish and, of course, flattering for your growing bump. I personally loved the cute little  peter pan collar on a navy with white polka dot top, very cute and versatile.

Finally, onto my favourite part of the whole event. The brand new 'Little Bird' collection inspired and designed by mother of 4, Jools Oliver, wife of chef, Jamie Oliver.
What i love about this collection is that it was in fact inspired by a Mothercare original that was one of Jools Oliver's personal family heirlooms. The adorable gown with a sweet little fawn motif was worn by Jools herself and then passed on to each one of her four children. With Jool's encouragement Mothercare have recreated the gowns timeless design for a new generation to enjoy and what a fabulous design it is to bring back.
The whole collection is full of nostalgia with plenty of retro textures and prints however for me, the newborn and nursery pieces were the highlight.
Using a cute whimsical theme including fawns, toadstools and florals it is an absolute delight, perfect for either gender, i only wish it was around when my two were young.

What do you think of the upcoming collections?
Will you be heading to the shops on August 17th to check out the new 'Little Bird' collection?

Char, M and E

Thursday, 21 June 2012

How to: Contour and highlight

When it comes to makeup i generally stick to the same old routine day in and day out, sometimes i go without mascara or eyeliner but one thing i always make sure to do is contour and highlight.

By contouring and highlighting you can add shape and dimension to your face to enhance or 'correct' your features, many people (like myself) mainly use this technique to slim down their facial features.

As you can see from the rather fetching photograph above i have shown the areas which are typically contoured (in brown) and highlighted (in yellow). Not everybody will need to work on all of these areas, you should know your own face shape and have a general idea of where will need shaping/enhancing and which areas don't. Personally i miss out the contouring of the nose and the highlighting of the chin, cupids bow and forehead and focus mainly on creating more prominent cheekbones as i was cursed blessed with such a chubby, baby face!


To contour you need a matte bronzer or a pressed powder which is around 3 shades darker than your skin tone. I personally use the Sleek Contour kit in 'Medium'.
To apply this i use a blush/contour brush or the E.L.F Complexion brush, however many other brushes work just as well depending on what you prefer to use and how big or small the areas you are using it for are.
The contour is applied to the temples, the side of the nose and the hollows of your cheeks, it can also be applied just under your jawline.
To find the hollows of your cheeks, suck them in and make a face like a fish so your cheekbones are more visible, the hollows are the area just under the cheekbones. Alternatively imagine an invisible line running from the top of your ear to the edge of your mouth.
Start with a light hand and build it up, it is easier to add more colour than to take it away.


Highlighters come in various formulas from powders to creams and liquids. Some have shimmer and some have more of a sheen. I personally again use the Sleek Contour kit in 'Medium' or  Benefit High Beam however the high beam is a bit to pink for my skin tone really.
Lighter skin tones usually look better with pinker toned highlighters whereas darker skin tones should go for the more golden tones.
Depending on which highlighter you choose will determine what you use to apply it. I tend to use my (clean) fingers to apply powder highlighter and the high beam as i just find it easier and more precise for my personal taste.
The highlight is applied to all the high points of your face as they are the areas you want to accentuate the most, these include the centre of your nose, the cupids bow, chin, under eyes and below the arch of your brows. You can also highlight under the contouring of your cheeks (not pictured) to emphasise these further.

If you are wondering where your blush fits into this whole situation, see that blank area between your cheek contouring and highlighting? thats the apples of your cheeks and thats where your blush should be. Make sure everything is blended well ( the cheek areas should be blended upwards!) and you are good to go.

I hope this has been helpful to some of you, i would love to know some of your favourite products for contouring and highlighting.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Guest Post by 'The Beauty Habit'

Mascaras from L-R Top Row; 17 Peep Show (£6.29)/Soap and Glory Thick and Fast (£10)/L’Oreal Telescopic in Carbon Black (£10.99)/New CID Eye Flutter (£18.50). Bottom Row; Clinique High Impact (£16)/ Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara (£20)/ Sephora Full Action (Price unknown)/ Diorshow (£23)
Hi everyone. Whilst Charlotte is away being super busy she has kindly allowed me a little space on her blog.  My name is Lauren and I write over at “the beauty habit” ( Being a bit of a beauty junkie I am always on the hunt for the next big thing. Be it a foundation that lasts all day, a primer that makes my skin look radiant or a cleanser that keeps the pimples at bay.  The one thing I have never quite managed to seek out is the perfect mascara.  This year I decided I was going to go on a quest for longer, more luscious lashes.  I’d love to be able to commit to lash extensions but the upkeep is a little too much for me at the moment, so instead I grabbed a whole heap of mascaras, took pics and laid them side by side for direct comparison! I like to think I have a good spread, ranging from Bargain Basement 17 cosmetics to Dior and a bit of everything in between.
So what do I look for in my mascara; Volume, length and a very dark black colour that doesn’t flake.  I quite like the clumpy effect so separation is never high on my list of priorities.  Day to day I tend to favour the L’Oreal Telescopic as I find the application very quick and easy, it doesn’t make a lot of mess and it is the blackest mascara I own.  If I was going out for the evening I’d probably reach for the Double Wear as it is totally smudge proof and can be built up to achieve a lot of volume.
Seeing them laid out like this has totally changed my opinion. I actually like the Estee Lauder mascara the least! I think it makes my lashes look stumpy and doesn’t give them nearly enough length.  I’m also surprised at the Clinique High Impact which I would have expected something a lot more dramatic from.
So which one is my favourite? I’m surprised to say it’s the New CID i-flutter.  This is the first time I’ve properly tried this and I’m impressed.  I think they look volumised, lengthened and very very fluttery! The packaging is really chic, the handle feels nicely weighted and it’s long enough to hold comfortably. When I first saw the wand I didn’t think I was going to like it very much.  It’s a bristle wand which I do favour but it was a lot skinnier than Diorshow and wasn’t as nicely shaped as the 17 Peep Show.  But the mascara applied like a dream and I only needed one light coat to achieve the look photographed.
The one downfall is that it isn’t as black as I really like. On a special occasion I’d be tempted to use this and then apply a little L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black over the tips of my lashes.  But day to day it would be perfect.
Which is your favourite? Do you have any mascara recommendations?

Friday, 6 April 2012

Etsy Shop Review- Viola Jane Designs

I have been on a peter pan collar kick for the past few months. I personally don't think my figure suits high cut necklines very without a collar of some sort so as you may have seen from my recent lust list post i have been eyeing up the collar style 'necklaces', peter pan style ones in particular, to throw on some of my clothes which need a little something extra so they aren't so boring and so they suit me a bit better. When i saw these amazing collars from Viola Jane Designs i was in awe.
Viola is a lovely lady from Tuscany who hand makes lots of beautiful collars of all shapes and designs, she makes them to cater to many tastes, studs, pearls, leather, the lot!
I personally chose this gorgeous grey studded collar with a scalloped edge* (totally following two trends at once!) and this equally amazing heavily embellished cream peter pan collar*. I have been wearing these with everything, particularly my skater dresses from asos like the grey one i am wearing in THIS post. I've even worn the grey one with a bandeau which is a great way to wear these on hotter days!
The collars are very well made and come beautifully packaged in a satin bag (i got one with cats all over, cute!!).
All of the collars stocked in Violas etsy shop are priced between £20-£25 which is slightly on the pricey side, but they are so statement and unique that i would personally say they are worth the price.

Do you own any detachable collar necklaces? whats your favourite way to wear them?


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

MAC Powder Blush- Dame

I recently blogged about picking up a MAC powder blush- Well Dressed from for just £11.43. For such a cheap price i couldn't resist picking up more and i decided to go for a similar blush 'Dame'.
Dame is an extremely wearable (even more so than Well dressed!) blue toned pink which adds a gorgeous natural flush to the cheeks. Since the weather has been a little warmer (i'm trying to pretend the past couple of freezing cold days haven't happened!!) i have been sporting a very natural look using minimal products and this blush has been my go to every day.
I'm so glad i decided to buy this product, especially at such a great price.

Have you started wearing your 'spring face' yet? What are your spring go to's?


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Lydia Platforms

I was browsing through and came across these Jeffrey Campbell Lydia Platforms* and fell in love with them, the high heel, the platform, the GLITTER! I popped them in my cart and checked out. They arrived a couple of days later (very well packaged may i add) and i literally dived into the box.  I'm a sucker for good packaging and the shoe box is pretty amazing right? The shoes also came in their own individual dust bags too which is always a good sign of a well made pair of shoes.
I actually got these shoes at the beginning of December last year and have only just got round to blogging about them (shame on me!). I bought them to jazz up a plain christmas day outfit but never actually got round to wearing them. I did, however, wear these in the house for pretty much the whole day when they arrived (is that sad?!) and i felt amazing, they were surprisingly comfortable and fairly easy to walk in thanks to the lacing keeping your foot firmly in position. I just love how statement Jeffrey Campbells are and the glitter on these are simply to die for.
These shoes retail at £100 however were on sale for £80 at the time i received them. Unfortunately this particular pair don't seem to be available any longer on Zalando, but fear not, they have plenty more JC's to choose from including the ever famous Lita.

Have you ever bought from Zalando? What are your thoughts about buying shoes online?


Friday, 23 March 2012

Nailene 200 Full Cover Nails- Active Square

I often get people commenting on my nails on a day to day basis, wether it be online or in a shop handing over money. 
The most common question i get is 'Where do you get your nails done?' and when i reply saying i do them myself i get a disbelieving glance and then the '...How?!'
Well guys, this little box of goodness is my (not so big) secret, Nailene full cover nails in active square.

As the name suggests the box comes with 200 nails (12 different sizes) with a square finish. The nails themselves are very easy to apply, with a flexible base for a snug fit, taking no longer than 10 minutes to apply the full set. The length of the nails are a very manageable length for day to day wear however they can easily be filed down further if you prefer. The good range of sizes ensures you will find a great fit for each nail making application quicker and as simple as possible.
The box also comes with Nailene ultra quick nail glue (One of my holy grail products!) and a nail file.

This kit retails for around £7-8 in Boots and Superdrug however i always buy mine online (Ebay) and never pay more than £4-5!

I cannot recommend this product enough! I have been through 10+ of these already and will continue to re-purchase this over and over again.
For anybody who wants an easy affordable DIY manicure you definitely need to try this out. 


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer

Since my local Superdrug closed down, i have no longer been able to get my hands on my usual primer (GOSH Velvet Touch), so in hope to stumble across a new love i have been trying various samples and testers to no avail.
Last week i popped into to Boots for Nappies (for my little girl, not me!) and obviously just had to do my usual de-tour through the make up aisle. 17 were running a 3 for 2 offer so i had a quick browse and spotted the 'Photo Flawless Skin Primer', i couldn't find anything else i wanted but thought i would give it a go anyway. 
The Photo Flawless primer retails at £4.99 for 15ml which in my eyes is a bargain, especially because i genuinely really like this product.

As you can see from the pictures, the product comes in a squeezable tube which is perfect to control the amount you would like to dispense, a little product goes a very long way with this one so only a tiny amount is needed (about the size of a pea!)
The product itself is a white gel/cream which glides onto my skin with ease and feels super silky.
My pores do seem to be minimised when applied however i can't comment on the longevity it gives my foundation (i never wear it more than a few hours) and it doesn't stop my t-zone becoming oily (nothing ever does...*sigh*).

All in all, for such a small price it does big things. It gives a lovely smooth base for my foundation which overall gives my face a more flawless finish which is exactly what i want from a product.
I would definitely recommend this primer for anybody on a budget or wanting to save a few pennies, i know i for one will be re-purchasing.

Will you be giving up your usual primer to give this a go? What are you currently using?


Monday, 19 March 2012

MAC Powder Blush- Well Dressed

I have been eyeing up this powder blush from MAC for a while now so when i spotted it on with a voucher code for £11.43 i jumped at it.
Well dressed is a perfect cool toned pink with a satin finish. It has a perfect amount of shimmer, just enough to give you that healthy glow that everybody craves for at the moment.
I have only had this a few days but has fast become my everyday must have as it's such a natural wearable colour.

Do you own Well Dressed? What is your current everyday blush?


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sponsored Video: 17 Cosmetics Peep show mascara presents 'Who's checking who out' - Beca


*sponsored editorial*

For those of you who don't know, last year, 17 cosmetics launched a new campaign, a new and innovative way to spread the word about any new collections they release, they decided to go musical.

17 cosmetics decided to collaborate with new up and coming artists who are looking for their big break. They asked the artists to come up with a song inspired by their new collection/products, chose a winner and in return they helped to get the artist into the public eye by recording and releasing the song, a music video and promoting them on various other 17 cosmetics social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The most recent collaboration with 17 cosmetics is with Beca an electro pop artist all the way from New York City who wrote the song, 'Who's checking who out', inspired by the newly released Peep show mascara. The song is very 80's retro, electro pop, has a great beat and easy to have a dance too. I personally think it's a great song and an even greater way to advertise the latest in beauty.

Now, onto the inspiration behind the song, Peep show Mascara by 17.
Available from Boots in Black or Brown/Black for £6.29. 17 claims the 'fibre-rich formulation lengthens lashes from root to tip' giving you 'voluptuous volume and no clumps...just a full flirty flutter.'
To me this sounds like it has all the properties i love from a mascara and the packaging is pretty amazing, pink and lace, yes please!
The price i think is a little on the pricey side considering the brand however the reviews i have read on the boots website are nothing but praise. I may have to pick this up sooner rather than later.

So, what do you think, do you like the song and what do you think about this sort of advertising?
Have you tried this mascara, is it worth a buy?


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lust List 001

Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses- £145/ Vivienne Westwood Secret Heart Bag- £305/ River Island Blue Ombre Denim Leggings- £20/ River Island Pink Embroidered Playsuit- £27/ Jeffrey Campbell Turin Pink- $119.95/ Jeffrey Campbell 99 Tie Mint Suede- $114.95/ Jeffrey Campbell Lita Baby Pink Suede- $159.95/ River Island Cream Pearl Collar Necklace- £27/ Benefit Hervana Face Powder- £23.50/ MAC Azalea Blush Ombre- £20.50/ Models Own Polish Bare Beauty £5 / Models Own Polish Soda Pop Pink £5/ Models Own Polish Peaches & Cream £5/ Topshop Nude Suedette Cage Belt- £18/ Topshop Multi Spike Ring- £8.50/ MAC Saint Germain Lipstick- £13.50

We are on the verge of spring and my favourite pastel shades are beginning to sneak into shops. I have been browsing the usual sites and lusting after these items for a little while already but sadly i've put myself on a spending ban for the next month or so.
I'm currently in the middle of moving house so my bank balance has taken a bit of a bashing paying removals and deposits, the usual boring but important things, but it will all be worth it when we have finally moved in and settled as it really is a lovely little house.
I'm hoping to be able to blog again properly soon but it all depends on how quickly i can unpack and i'm guessing it will take quite a while, whoever knew 3 people could own so much 'stuff'?!

Have you already mentally chose your spring wardrobe? What will you be snapping up in the coming weeks?


Friday, 24 February 2012

Nicki Minaj For MAC- Viva Glam Nicki

I'm back with another Nicki Minaj post! Nicki Minaj has recently teamed up with MAC as part of their Viva Glam range which helps raise awareness and raise money for HIV/AIDS. The whole £13.50 from each lipstick bought goes towards helping Men, woman and children everywhere suffering with HIV and AIDS.

Viva Glam Nicki is a bright warm pink with yellow undertones in a satin finish. Personally I would say this is verging on being a neon pink, similar, brightness wise, to Costa Chic (a bright light coral).
Imagine Nicki Minaj in your head, see the colour you imagine on her lips? the bright neon pink? Yeah?
That's what this lipstick is!

On first sight of this product i was a bit scared, although i own a couple of brighter shades i don't often wear them and they lay neglected in my drawer out of fear (shame really!), but nevertheless i gave it a go and actually really like it! It's a lot more of a wearable bright shade than i imagined and I can't wait to wear this in Summer with light wash denim and maxi dresses!

Will you be picking up the latest addition to the Viva Glam range or has the colour scared you off?
If this lipstick doesn't appeal to you but you would still like to help the cause while also feeding your cosmetic addiction, there are plenty of other shades in the permanent Viva Glam collection here.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Benefit High Beam

I recently got my hands on a smaller version of the Benefit High Beam (The one that came free with a magazine) to try out. I have been looking at it for months but just could not justify buying the full size version for £18.50, especially when i'm not particularly into highlighters. Honestly the small size i have will probably last me long enough anyway as you genuinely only need a small dab to do the job.

High Beam comes packaged in a container which reminds me of the Models Own Nail polish. A circular clear container with a white screw cap and it even comes with a brush similar to nail polishes for easy, accurate application.
The actual product is a pale pearlescent pink which when blended (quite easily may i add) onto the skin turns into a beautiful natural dewy glow, no glitter or shimmer, just a sheen which instantly brightens up your complexion. 
I personally use this by applying tiny dots on my cheekbone, under my brow and occasionally just above my cupids bow.
I have to be honest, this does seem to be a little too light for my skin tone though, which is a more yellow/tan tone, so i think Benefits Moon Beam may have worked better for me with it's warmer tone.

Although i do like this product i would never purchase it at full price, £18.50 is just too much to spend on a highlighter for me. 
Do you own this product? do you rate it or slate it? I have pretty neutral feelings.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nicki Minaj OPI Collection

As you may (or may not) already know the latest celebrity to launch a collection with OPI was the fabulous Nicki Minaj. 
When i found out she had collaborated with OPI i simply KNEW i would have to pick something up from the collection. 
Once i saw the colour range it was pretty easy to decide which ones i wanted and which weren't really for me. I went for the three more 'girly' ones, 'Metallic 4 Life', 'Pink Friday' and 'Save Me'.

'Metallic 4 Life' is a black base utterly packed full of large hexagonal and small round/square silver glitter. It is fairly thick however it's easy to apply and i only needed two coats to create an opaque finish. I may use a plain black base in future as it will make things a bit quicker and save on the pretty glitter! I really love this one, it reminded me of Revlons 'Facets of fuschia' but obviously with silver, what do you think?!

'Pink Friday' was the polish i was most excited to receive, a lovely creamy bubblegum pink. 
I've really been into pinks lately which is a bit surprising, i've never been much of a pink girl but i can' get enough of it now. Maybe i'm saving up for lost time? Who knows...
Anyway, this applies really well, slightly thick but it applies smoothly and i only needed two coats. There are probably plenty of dupes for this colour but i love the connection it has to Nicki Minaj (sucker for a good celebrity endorsement!) Have worn this almost continuously since i got it, will be sad when it's gone.

Finally 'Save Me'. A clear base packed with small silver glitter mixed with long, blue and holographic oblong glitters. I had seen so many people raving about this so was expecting something great but unfortunately, for me, it didn't live up to the hype. Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely polish but the bars of blue and holographic glitter remind me of fur (is that weird?) when applied by itself so i would probably only use this over another polish like in the last picture. 
Again, this was pretty thick to apply but what do you expect from a polish filled with glitter? I used three coats to create an opaque look.

The collection also includes 'Did it on 'Em' (A yellow toned lime green colour), 'Fly' (A true teal) and 'Super Bass' (A glitter magenta shatter).

All in all i really liked this collection and was super happy with my choices. Maybe it's because i love Nicki Minaj or maybe i'm just a tiny bit in love with nail polish?
Probably both if we're honest.

Have you picked up any of this collection? Which one caught your eye the most?


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lush Superstar Bubble Bar

Superstar Bubble Bar-

This bubble bar came from one of the christmas sets of 2011 and i believe it was also available in pink with a yellow star.
I prefer the bubble bars over bath bombs because, not only do they last longer (i usually get two baths from one bar!), as the name suggests, they produce bubbles whereas the bath bombs tend not too.
This particular bubble bar was one of my favourite from the set, with scents of strawberry and geranium(?) it's a very 'clean' slightly herbal smell in my opinion, although i could be wrong.

Overall, I did love this product although i have to say, i am certainly not a fan of the colour it turned my water, i'd much rather have a pink/purple/green bath than a bath that looks like somebody used it as a toilet (eww!)

Did you manage to get your hands on this at christmas time? What were your thoughts?


E.L.F Beauty Clutch


Bronzer, Blushers and Face Shimmer

Lip Gloss

 Eyebrow Powder and Eyebrow Cream

As you may know from a previous post i am part of the 'Swatching team' for E.L.F's new website which will be launching in the coming months. Following the 6 in 1 beauty on the go set, as you can see i have swatched the Beauty clutch.*

I'm not a huge fan of the packaging of this product, the whole clutch shape is a little too 'young' for me but don't let that put you off.
Inside the clutch is a selection of 32 eyeshadows, a bronzer, 2 blushers, face shimmer (highlighter), 6 lip glosses and an eyebrow powder and cream. Everything you will need to create that perfect look.

The eyeshadows are nice and pigmented (i would say these are even more pigmented than the 6 in 1 beauty on the go) and are of a nice consistency. These seem to be easy to apply and easy to build.

As always, the blushers are my favourite part, i particularly like the lighter shade in this set however i'm not so sure on the shade of the bronzer.

The lip glosses were the real surprise of the clutch, very pigmented and soft.

Finally, i love the idea of having the eyebrow duo in the set, not many 'make-up all in ones' contain any sort of eyebrow products.

All in all this set is definitely worth the £7.50, especially if your looking for a makeup starter kit or a nice little set for on the go.
You can buy the Beauty Clutch on

What do you think of this set, any part appeal to you in particular?