Sunday, 19 February 2012

Benefit High Beam

I recently got my hands on a smaller version of the Benefit High Beam (The one that came free with a magazine) to try out. I have been looking at it for months but just could not justify buying the full size version for £18.50, especially when i'm not particularly into highlighters. Honestly the small size i have will probably last me long enough anyway as you genuinely only need a small dab to do the job.

High Beam comes packaged in a container which reminds me of the Models Own Nail polish. A circular clear container with a white screw cap and it even comes with a brush similar to nail polishes for easy, accurate application.
The actual product is a pale pearlescent pink which when blended (quite easily may i add) onto the skin turns into a beautiful natural dewy glow, no glitter or shimmer, just a sheen which instantly brightens up your complexion. 
I personally use this by applying tiny dots on my cheekbone, under my brow and occasionally just above my cupids bow.
I have to be honest, this does seem to be a little too light for my skin tone though, which is a more yellow/tan tone, so i think Benefits Moon Beam may have worked better for me with it's warmer tone.

Although i do like this product i would never purchase it at full price, £18.50 is just too much to spend on a highlighter for me. 
Do you own this product? do you rate it or slate it? I have pretty neutral feelings.



  1. It looks pretty but like you I wouldn't buty it full price I think you can get cheaper alternatives :D x

  2. love the way you've done the photos, and i got mine from glamour, but i think i'd rather buy an alternative than the full price one xx

  3. I wish id picked this when it was in the magazine instead of the stains!:(

  4. I really love it but I wouldn't want to dish out £18 on the full sized version! When I run out I'm buying it again at sample size from eBay because it is quite fab :-) xx

  5. I've never tried this product and probably wouldn't spend £18.50 on it. I gave you a blog award chick! xoxo

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